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Along with the people of the Abbey, A few Animals also reside here.

      In our historical research we found record of a cat who was paid one penny a week for services rendered to the Cathedral at Exter during the middle ages. So, it seems fitting that we have cats as part of the Abbey's staff. We didn't want to leave the dogs out, so we included them as well.

Nickie Nickname(s): Nic-Nic, Nicker-doodle, Snicker-Nicker

Nickie is laid back and calm. She -loves- Beau. She is the litter-mate of Pinders and foster mother to Turtledove. A tiny little voice with a huge purr, Nickie is quiet and a little shy but full of love. She was rescued with her sister, Pinders, after being abandoned in a construction site.
Nickie Nickie

Pinders Nickname(s): Cinder-Pinder-Paws, Bait

Pinders is our little talker - you can hear her loud voice all over the house (and even outside). She also loves to be chased by the other kittens, but only when the time is right. She was abandoned in a construction site with her litter-mate, Nickie, where they were rescued.
Pinders Pinders

Turtle-dove Nickname(s): Turtle, The Streak, Spawn of Bootsie, Dingle-Ball-of-Death

Turtle came to us from one of three abandoned litters that were rescued by our Sister. She is quite the hand full- well okay she was barely a hand full, one weekend she decided to eat to the bottom of every food dish, so she's a little .. ahh.. plump now. She has a habit of streaking through rooms and running between your knees, while in her growth spurts her aim wasn't the best so she tends to slam into you at high speed. To give everyone a little warning of her arrival, we gave her a little jingle-bell collar. It hasn't stopped her running into your legs, but at least you know the impact is impending.
Turtledove Turtle playing with some bubbles..